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Refresher Course

by rebeccazappasodi on July 7, 2010

With all of the desires, demands and deceit that constantly pull at our hearts, we need continual refreshers, reminders as to life’s purpose. With a flesh as stubborn and strong-willed as a two year old in full tantrum, I must re-train myself daily as to why I exist and why God has given us all that He has. And He has certainly given so much…

Blessings in the physical realm:
Born in America
A Bible
Parents that love
A husband that adores
Children given by God
A home to live in
Food, clothes, cars
The list could go on & on…

Blessings in the spiritual realm: (Ephesians1)
“Every spiritual blessing in Christ”-
Made holy & blameless
Redemption through blood
Forgiveness of sins
Given Holy Spirit to seal inheritance
The list could go on & on

BUT WHY? WHY has God blessed us in these countless ways? This is where my reminder lies… tucked away in Ephesians 1:12

“…in order that we…might be (exist) for the praise of his glory.”

Lord remind me that I exist for the praise of your glory. All that we are, all that you have given us is for that very reason. For the praise of your glorious Name. Without this truth and perspective daily guiding us, life makes no sense. I become central & that is a far cry from the design we live safest by. May we keep eyes fixed upon the One who’s praise & glory we were created for.

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