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The Secret of Burning

by rebeccazappasodi on July 2, 2010

“It’s the secret place that lights our fire, that sets us burning. God’s word is fire (Jeremiah 23:29), and His presence is totally engulfed in fire (Ezekiel 1:4, 27). When you approach God, you are drawing near to the great blazing inferno of the ages. To be set on fire, you must get close to God. When you feel cold, distant, and ‘out of it spiritually’, it’s time to retreat to the closet, place yourself before the fireplace of His word, and allow the intensity of His face to restore your fervency.

The secret to staying ablaze for Jesus is not responding to altar calls (as good as those are); it’s not in having someone lay hands on you and pray for you (as valid as that is ); it’s not in listening to a good teaching tape of the latest worship CD; the only sure source for staying white-hot is devoting yourself consistently to the place-of-the-shut door. It’s the place where ‘the spirit of burning’ (Isaiah 4:4) ignites your soul as you gaze upon His glory with an unveiled face (2 Cor. 3:18).

Do you desire greater compulsion for the secret place? Invite the Burning One, the Holy Spirit, to ignite the eternal flame of His fiery jealousy in your life.”

Secrets of the Secret Place – Bob Sorge

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