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Sacred Marriage

by rebeccazappasodi on April 15, 2011

“If you treat a man as he is, he will stay as he is. But if you treat him as if he were what he ought to be and could be, he will become the bigger and better man.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This saying struck something in me yesterday. Surely it can go both ways: If you love a woman for who she is,(or only give her the amount of love she deserves or the amount of love a man feels for her in that moment) she will stay as she is. But if you love her as if she were the princess and beauty that she ought to be and could be, she will become a woman of honor and dignity.

Oh there is so much I want to say on that, as my heart is for women, especially for women who lack the worth, dignity, esteem & love they were created by Christ for. But that’s not what struck me as I read it. What struck me was conviction. Deep conviction. As I sat reading Sacred Marriage at Barnes and Noble (enjoying a little sister time and a java mint mocha frappuccino) the Lord did a little reshifting of my mind and heart. For weeks now I have spent all of my free time reading, consuming rather, books on motherhood and raising children (which I love doing and am quite passionate about). But I can’t remember the last time I spent any great length of time consuming books and wisdom on marriage… on ways to better it, to grow as a wife, to serve Dave, to be more intentional about loving & honoring my man.

“The biggest challenge for me in upholding my spiritual obligation to honor my spouse is that I get busy and sidetracked. I don’t mean to dishonor her, I just absentmindedly neglect to actively honor her.” (Gary Thomas)

This seems to be a theme in my life right now: Be it with marriage, parenting, finances, health, my mind, my attitude… if I am not intentional about the direction I am going, I will naturally default to a mediocre place. Ladies, the pink & red of Valentines may be all but a nightmare that your husband is glad to say is over, but we can still choose to pour into our marriages this week- giving our men the honor and place in our hearts that they deserve.

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