About Us

Waking Eve exists for the glory of God to awaken our hearts to the life, passion & purpose we were created for.The book of Genesis tells of the first woman created & formed by God who was given the name Eve, meaning “Life”. We were designed for fullness of life and were given a high calling by our Creator. But something happened when sin entered the world. The passion & fullness of life we were created to live in was replaced with mediocrity and accepted as the norm. The intimacy we were designed to share with God & with others was replaced with shame, keeping us guarded and distant from that which our souls crave. The high value & purpose God placed on our lives was drowned out by the lies of a society warped & deceived…seeking life through everything but the true source, Jesus Christ. Praise be to our God that because of His love & faithfulness the blood of Jesus Christ was spilt so that true life could be offered yet again. Christ desires to awaken us to the fullness of the life, joy, peace & purpose He offers . We will search the world over and find this to be true: We will never find what our hearts were designed & long for until we come to the One who designed us. He set eternity in our hearts & beckons us to listen to the longing resonating within us. May we slow down our busy lives and be captivated by the One who awakens the heart & refreshes the soul.